Product Options & Customisation

Get coffee equipment that’s perfect for your needs

Product Options

Adding Functionality

Adding features at the factory

A good number of the products we sell, especially espresso machines, have options. For example, Victoria Arduino espresso machines can be fitted with Easy Steam wands or Compak grinders can be shipped with Red Speed burrs.

Many options are best fitted in the factory when the product is assembled. Factory Orders are shown when ordering as they have slightly longer lead times, so please order well ahead to guarantee availability.

Common product options are typically available as part of the online ordering process. Other options can be ordered by contacting customer services.

Storing Orders

It’s best to order well ahead to guarantee availability. We can hold items in the UK warehouse until you’re ready to receive them. Plus, we’ll start your finance package the day we dispatch your items.

The items will be much safer in the warehouse than being stored on a building site. And you benefit from knowing the items are available and ready to be dispatched.

If you want us to hold items, just request a date in the order notes. Otherwise, we will dispatch items as soon as practically possible.

Custom Colour

Personalise your products

Choosing a colour option

Some products come in multiple colours and many can be painted a custom colour.

Common colours are typically available as part of the online ordering process. Other options can be ordered by contacting customer services.

All custom colours, as well as some colour options, are factory orders.

Specifying using the RAL colour system

You can select and specify the colour using the RAL system.

While you can choose pretty much any colour you like, can we encourage you to select a colour that will be timeless and universally appealing in order to protect your product’s resell value.

You might like your brand’s bold colour or maybe the Pantone colour of the year, but will you like it in five years’ time? Or will anyone else for that matter? Bold coloured items typically have a lower resell value than comparable standard items on United Baristas Marketplace.

Finally, pick a colour using a RAL swatch. Every screen displays colours slightly differently; swatches are standardised and accurate.

Custom Parts & Special Editions

Making it your own

Manufacturer options, editions and extras

A number of products have custom part options. For example, Victoria Arduino can often ship leather-handled portafilters or the Eagle One has several back panel options. Conti typically has several special editions each year. And other manufacturers may have options such as LEDs, alternate badging and limited editions.

With so many options, it’s near-impossible to list all the permutations for the products’ page. To view current options, check out the latest product sheet or brochure for the product in Equipment Catalogue.

If the manufacturer has it in stock, we can source it. Contact customer services to enquire and place your order.