Sanremo Opera 2.0

A Updated 01 September 2023

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Used in good working condition Sanremo Opera 2-groups Blue manufactured September 2018 for sale in London




£8,500.00 incl VAT gbp

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Coffee Equipment Item


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manufactured September 2018
Used in good working condition

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250 Paradise Row, London E2 9LE, UK
united kingdom

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The Opera 2.0 is a fairly incredible machine:

• Individual group boilers and multiple elements makes it very temperature stable • Individual group pumps mean the barista can chose the extraction pressure as well as the pre and post infusion pressure. Changing these profiles has a massive impact on the end flavour of the espresso • Up to 6 profiles can be stored on each group • Temperature, espresso profiles and various other machine parameters are all easily controlled via an app on your phone or tablet all these things give the barista a huge amount of control and a super consistent output in any situation

The machine originally had bluetooth scales integrated into the drip tray as well. The firmware is still in the machine, so if a buyer wanted to replace them they could. This would allow for the barista to have further options when profiling their espresso recipe.

The machine had a hefty service mid last last year by Sanremo this is what was covered: Work Done: • Repair the earth fault • Strip machine to asses work & parts required • Descale the steam boiler and reassembled it with new parts • Strip both group heads, remove mineral & coffee deposits, clean jets and reassemble using new parts • Strip and clean pumps, replace expansion valve and none return valve • Strip and clean purge valves • Strip, clean and rebuild steam valves with new parts as required • Strip, clean & reassemble group head lever assemblies • Rebuild machine • Calibrate group pressure • Check WIFI operation • Clean the machine inside & out Parts replaced • X2 10115056C HEATING ELEMENT D8X40 160W 230V • X1 10556061 BIPOLAR SWITCH RED UL OPERA • X1 10112059C LEVEL SENSOR 105mm • X1 10112064A TEFLON LEVEL PROBE 120MM • X2 10652024A CHECK VALVE M1/8"-M1/8" OT57 • X1 10252019 SANREMO OPERA GEAR PUMP REPAIR KIT • X1 service kit

Came out of a restaurant we sold in January

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£8,500.00 incl VAT gbp




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