Ratio Six Coffee Brewer

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World-class coffee with the push of a button.

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  • Emulated pour over process delivers a perfect pot of coffee every time
  • Made with premium materials and built to last
  • Designed for precise heat and water flow
  • Make up to 8 cups of coffee in under eight minutes

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Ratio Six Coffee Brewer

£233.25 + VAT, if any

World-class coffee with the push of a button.

The SCA-certified Ratio Six coffee brewer makes between two and eight cups of coffee with the push of a button. Simply add filtered water to the reservoir and ground coffee to the basket – then push ‘brew’! Ideal for use at home, in an office or as small batch brewer in a coffee shop.

The Six comes with a thermal carafe, which keeps coffee warm for hours. The standard basket holds #4 paper filters. There are a number of accessories available, including a flat bottom brew basket. Plus the baskets are compatible with the respective Able Brewing reusable filters.

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Ratio Six Coffee Brewer

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World-class coffee with the push of a button.

Product Options

There are various options available when you order Ratio Six from Equipment Store. For specific information refer to the latest product brochure on the product information page. You can contact us before purchase to order options as part of your finance package. Please note that various options impact the lead-time, see shipping & dispatch information.

  • Accessories available: flat bottom brewer, additional thermal carafe

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Repair & maintenance

Parts for this product are readily available and can be replaced. Minimise wear with regular care and maintain programme. Basic care and maintenance should be carried out in-house, as well as the replacement of some parts. Regular servicing and the replacement of electrical or boiler components can be performed by an engineer.


Aim to maximise the working life of all coffee-making equipment. If you should no longer have need for this item, sell it to another barista or coffee company on United Baristas Marketplace.


At end of life many of the components can be recycled. Dispose of this product responsibly and do not discard in general waste. Specific information is available in the product’s manual.

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